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Short Track

Aonia Pass MX Park
Saturday, July 30

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The SEMDTRA / AHRMA event was well attended.  Over 100 entries competed in the finals, including 88 SEMDTRA entries and 18 AHRMA entries.

SEMDTRA Vintage Open, AHRMA 70s Singles, and AHRMA Sportsman 750 riders
get ready for the start of their final.  Eddie Tumlin (24L) won, but Mike O'Neil (57Y),
Dave Aldana (13), and Tom Sisson (19C) nipped at his heels the entire race.

Mother nature cooperated by bringing light showers in the late afternoon that helped wet the track and cool things off for the riders (and workers).

The track was great with a wide groove that made for exciting racing.  Large turnouts in Pro Am (15 entries), Open Pro (10 entries), Senior 40+ (10 entries), and Mad Dog Stock (10 entries) put the wide groove to good use and gave the spectators a great show.

Thanks to the AMC and SEMDTRA members (especially SEMDTRA's Debbie and Linda) who worked hard under trying conditions to make the event a success!  We appreciate everyone's hard work.

Three rows of Pro Am riders hunker down for the start of their main event.


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Race Results -- SEMDTRA Classes
50cc Stock Motor 1. Eli Sauls (Kaw)
65cc Stock Motor 1. Nicholas Thompson
85cc Stock Motor 1. Joshua Smith (Yam), 2. Jacob Barnes (Hon), 3. Joseph Sikes (Hon)
70 - 125cc 1. Dylan Sauls (Hon), 2. Jacob Barnes (Hon)
0 - 200 1. Buster McCoy (Hon), 2. Jonathan Smith, 3. Tyler Wrenn (Hon)
MX Open 1. Brian Barnes (Yam), 2. Kristin Mullaney (Hon)
Open Novice 1. Edwin Bowden (Hon), 2. Forrest Barnes (KTM), 3. Barry Durham, 4. Brian Mauney (Yam), 5. Tyson Kahler
Senior 40+ 1. Edwin Bowden (Hon), 2. Larry Davis (Rotax), 3. Mike O'Neil, 4. Roger Lineberger, 5. Leland Prewitt (Hon),
6. Ken Davis (Rotax), 7. John Parker, 8. Pat Mullaney (Hon), 9. Wayne McJunkin (Rotax), 10. Deric Sauls (Rotax)
Vintage 250 1. Rick Lovette (Yam), 2. Tom Tyner, 3. Brian Shaw (Kaw), 4. Hank Horne (Hon)
Vintage Open 1. Mike O'Neil, 2. Tom Sisson (Yam), 3. John Parker, 4. Brian Queen, 5. Grady Cagle (Yam)
Open Amateur 1. Staton Lomas (Hon), 2. Ryan Rutland (Suz), 3. Buster McCoy (Hon), 4. Kevin Rammer (Yam), 5. Jonathan Smith (Yam)
Open Pro Am

1. Robert Lewis (Hon), 2. Jerry Steele (Hon), 3. Thomas Pulliam (Hon), 4. Tyler Treadway, 5. Brad Pulliam (Hon),
6. Kevin Snipes (Hon), 7. Staton Lomas (Hon), 8. Jason Griffin (Kaw), 9. Shane Fox, 10. Payton Prewitt (Hon),
11. Broderick Brown (Hon)

Open Pro 1. Robert Lewis (Hon), 2. Thomas Pulliam (Hon), 3. Brad Pulliam (Hon), 4. Jerry Steele (Hon), 5. Tyler Treadway,
6. Zeb Morton, 7. Jason Griffin (Kaw), 8. Kevin Snipes (Hon), 9. Payton Prewitt (Hon), 10. Shane Fox
Mad Dog Stock 1. Rod Burr (Hon), 2. Bon Boyle, 3. Scott Russell (Hon), 4. Jerome Craig (Hon), 5. Edwin Bowden (Hon),
6. Nick Soave (Hon), 7. Greg Kuhlman, 8. Stephen L, 9. Brian Iler, 10. Shawn Quickert
Mad Dog Stock Heavyweight 1. Scott Russell (Hon), 2. Rod Burr (Hon), 3. Bon Boyle, 4. Shawn Quickert, 5. Greg Kuhlman,
6. Brian Iler, 7. Nick Soave (Hon)
Mad Dog Modified 1. Jerome Craig, 2. Scott Russell (Hon), 3. Rod Burr (Hon), 4. Bon Boyle, 5. Pat Mullaney,
6. Shawn Quickert, 7. Brian Iler, 8. Greg Kuhlman, 9. Stephen L

Race Results -- AHRMA Classes
Dinosaur 1. Beno Rodi (R-E)
Classic 250 1. David Richardson (BSA)
Classic 500 / 750 1. Mike Metzler (Tri), 2. Beno Rodi (R-E), 3. Leland Prewitt (H-D)
Sportsman 250 1. Mike Metzler (BSA), 2. Henry Sansing (Rokon)
Sportsman 600 1. David Aldana (Hon), 2. Henry Sansing (Rokon), 3. Deric Sauls (Hon)
Sportsman 750 1. Eddie Tumlin (Tri), 2. John Skinner (Tri)
Senior 1. David Aldana (Hon)
Super Senior 1. David Aldana (Hon), 2. Beno Rodi (BSA)
70s Two Stroke 1. Henry Sansing (Rokon)
70s Singles 1. David Aldana (Hon)
70s Singles 50+ 1. David Aldana (Hon)