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Christmas Party

The club's annual Christmas Party was held at Chateau Elan on December 2.

Chateau Elan put out their usual good spread -- nobody left hungry.

Frieda Friddell's family members were special guests at the party.  Her son Henry and daughter DeeDee, along with DeeDee's husband Steve Golden represented Frieda's family.

Freida, who passed away in June, was one of the founders of the club and was active in the club until early 2006 when she became too ill to attend meetings.  She had acted as club treasurer since before I joined AMC, and rarely missed our monthly meetings.  Charles Goman presented the family with an autographed leather-bound copy of Ed Youngblood's book "Mann of His Time".

Charles' Christmas bag of goodies also contained the 2006 Club / AMA Service Awards.  These went to Dwayne Smith & Bill Cobb for their contributions to the club this year.  Dwayne did a great job of supporting our racing programs in flat track, MX, Premier & Classic MX, trials, and cross country.  Seems like every time I turned around, Dwayne was asking what he could do to help.  Bill created the club's web site, acts as it's webmaster, and supported the racing programs.

And last, "new" club members were presented their club shirts.  Receiving shirts were Donna Blackburn (representing the Blackburn family membership), David Aldana, Richard Watley, Bill Cobb, and Bill Ryburn.

We had a great time.  The Christmas party has always been a great time to get to know club members you might not see much during the year.  Jan & I try and sit with someone we don't know well.  This year we sat with Frieda's family, & Beno's Mom and enjoyed both.

Plan to join us next December.