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Bremen Motocross – SEVMX

by Bill Ryburn to the Atlanta Motorcycle Club

Sunday March 16 was the opening day for the new Southeast Vintage Motocross Association, LLC, (SEVMX) at the Bremen Motocross Park in Bremen, Georgia.

For those of you not familiar with the SEVMX, this is a new association headed up by former AHRMA SE coordinator Larry Stahl.

The main difference I see between SEVMX and AHRMA is that the SEVMX has classes for everyone.  Vintage, EVO (or post-vintage), modern, women, and youth.  The EVO classes include late ‘80s and ‘90s bikes.

Sign up, rider rules, and safety equipment are the same as AHRMA. If you are an AHRMA rider, you can use your existing numbers.  

If you have a MX bike, SEVMX has a class for you, even if you have disc brakes and linkage shocks.  You can ride both your vintage bike and your modern bike on the same day. You can also bring the family and put the kids in the youth class. Check out their web site at

Bremen was fun. (Except that I broke the clutch on my Ossa before practice started).  The Kellys did a great job of preparing the track following the incredible storms that passed through the day before.  The course was shortened to run on the vintage friendly portion of the main track.  Although the start was delayed a little to complete track preparation, all motos were run very efficiently.

As many of us know, the camaraderie we share as vintage riders is not always evident around the modern crowd.  This was not the case at Bremen.  This was the same friendly vintage crowd with the usual banter and bench racing taking place.  There were about 45 riders, most entering several classes.  The breakdown appeared to be about evenly split between vintage, EVO and “semi-modern” classes, with age classes represented by youth to “Papa Joe” Terry in +70.

Bottom line, this was a well organized and fun event.  My personal opinion is that the SEVMX is filling in some opportunities and venues that are not available in AHRMA. For many of us, this gives us an expanded opportunity to ride. I will continue to support AHRMA events, but I will also be riding SEVMX events.