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Hi Bill:

I see the web site still has Thunder Valley in Greenville on March 31st listed as a day race.  It should say night.  Sign up: 3:00.  Practice: 5:00.  Race: 7:00. 

I have attached the flyer and a few photos from last Sunday.  The track is coming along nicely but we still have some work to do on the pits, lights, roads (gravel),  facilities and equipment.  The water truck you see in the photo works but has one flat tire on the rear tandem.  Stuff like that will be taken care of before the race.

Just a rumor so far but if it doesn't rain or snow this weekend, Mike Hacker (67) and Tim Eades (72) are due to come down for some pre-Daytona testing in Greenville.

I see by the line-up of classes in the Winter Short Track Series at Daytona and Volusia County that we AHRMA racers will run with the amateur classes.  That's the way we want to work it in Greenville so we will be watching to see how it goes down there.  As agreed with Beno, we will also run a brakeless class.

Thanks and Best regards,

John Parker

AHRMA 45c 
We received a nice email from John Parker bringing us up to date on preparations for the Flat Track event they've scheduled on March 31.

John also sent a race flyer which you can access here or at the GERA web site.

Looks like it'll be a great track -- put it on your schedule & lets go racing!

Thunder Valley Speedway Flat Track