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Charles Goman Needs Your Vote to Qualify for the AMA Board Election

Charles Goman is throwing his hat in the AMA Board of Directors election ring.  The election, to be held in January, will decide who from the Southeast Region will represent us on the AMA Board of Directors.

If you'd like local representation on the AMA Board of Directors, here is your chance to help one of our members make a run for it.

The Board election process is a multi-step affair:

  1. Southeast candidates are nominated via a nominating election being held this month.  Nominating ballots, which are in the October issue of American Motorcyclist, are due on October 10.
  2. When the nominating election closes, nominating votes will be tabulated and candidates with fewer than twenty-five votes will be disqualified.  Of the remaining Southeast candidates, the three with the most votes will appear on the ballot in January.

  3. Southeast AMA members will choose their Board representative from the three candidates in January.

Charles has been active in AHRMA and an active leader in Atlanta Motorcycle Club, British Motor Car Club, and the Greater Atlanta British Motorcycle Association leadership for years.   He is retired from AT&T and has the time and resources to be a contributing board member.  We are pleased that he has decided to lend his talents to the AMA Board, and are comfortable that he will do a good job representing the Southeast.

We don't know who Charles' competition will be, but to insure that he is on the ballot, encourage your Southeast AMA member friends to support Charles candidacy.

Grab your latest (October) American Motorcyclist magazine, pull out the AMA Board of Directors nomination form, fill it out with Charles' information (Charles Goman, Winder, GA), and mail it today!!  Ballots must be received by Ernst & Young by October 10.

You can only use the ballot from American Motorcyclist magazine's October issue.  If you do not receive the magazine, you can obtain a ballot by writing to:

                                AMA / Ballot
                                13515 Yarmouth Drive
                                Pickerington, OH  43147